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This site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive listing of all of the links and methods to locating a person from your past or present. It's a web page devoted to quenching your curiosity about someone's life with whom you don't actually want to contact. So here you will find numerous free links, tips, and other resources for finding out "What ever happened to...”


This site does not advocate STALKING or other criminal activity. It is for entertainment value only. The links on this page are all public information and I have simply compiled them into one site.
If you have illegal or other nefarious uses for this information, please leave the site now.

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to your first high school crush? The one you pined away for, but he didn't even know you were alive. Now you are happily married so you don't want email him, but you are still curious, right? Here are my methods of finding out about people's lives without re-entering them. Using the following links, you find out that he's married with four kids living in the Miami area, bought a $300,000 home in 1999, has a mid-sized real estate company, and because they published his picture on the website, you know he now weighs about three hundred pounds and has hair everywhere but on his head. All this knowledge without any actual contact or life altering exchanges.


Or maybe you ran into an old college buddy who was boasting about his fancy million-dollar home and new Porsche, but his career would not support that kind of lifestyle. Also, you know he and his wife are from modest backgrounds. The story just doesn't jive. A quick net search using some the techniques posted here, and you find out that he won a million dollar lawsuit a few years ago for being so incompetent and arrogant at his previous job that he got fired right after his former boss beat the snot out of him. Your buddy promptly sued and settled out of court. Because of a simple public records search, you now know the only reason for his "wealth" is attributed to him being a complete putz.

In the Beginning...


In my experience, and/or are the best places to start. If you are lucky, they will have entered a profile, which will help with the current state they are living in, and often their married names. Heck, you can even find out their political preference, and what kind of pets they have. If they are not listed there, try their high school's website, as often there is an alumni database there as well.


If they attended college, I search the university's alumni website. These databases will produce an address, phone number, degree information, and often an email address. This is also an excellent resource for finding out married names. Now most online associations require that you register before executing a search, which means you need to have attended or graduated from that university, but you are lucky, you will find a few that allow anonymous inquiries.


University of Wisconsin Alumni Association


University of Florida Alumni Search


Tufts Alumni Search



After and any alumni database searching, I usually move on to Now I know you're saying, "Hey, that's a pay site", and you would be right. However, there are a few free searches available there that can provide clues, including a people locator that offers a nationwide search of phone and real estate records. Also, it includes free searches for marriage and divorce records (in Texas, Nevada, and Florida). Other similar sites worth trying are and, which break down the results by city and age.  All you need is a last name, and you will pull up all the records available per state, which could also give you clues as to if they have a spouse. If you click on the name, it will also give you past cities and states where there are addresses in it's database. To get detailed reports you have to pay, but I consider it a challenge NOT to pay, so we will need to move on from there!


If these sources have failed to provide any leads, there are the basic online white pages that you can try. allows multi-state searches has reverse look up and email searches


And most recently, the controversial which is the most accurate address search on the web. It often has old addresses as well, so it can be helpful in tracking down maiden names. Be advised: there is a link below the search box where anyone can register their name and email, and are notified via email when others search perform a search on their name. If you want to remain anonymous while searching this site, enter it through an anonymous proxy such as!


Next, the Search Engines...


Now hopefully you've gathered a few pieces of information about that person, and now is the time to enlist http://google.comhttp://yahoo.comand for more.


Start with their name in quotes (i.e. "Billy Bob Poentang"), and then without (i.e. Billy Bob Poentang). This is the tedious part of the search, because unless you are fortunate enough to be searching for someone with an unusual name, it will often take some time poking in and around various websites. I've found this step usually takes several attempts over a period of time to produce any decent leads.


Another way to get results is to do a search with just their last name followed by the @ sign in parenthesis (i.e. "Poentang@"). This is an excellent way to turn up a work email address (i.e. Then you can poke around in their employer's website (i.e. to find out what kind of company they work for, where they are located, and if you are lucky, a press release detailing the accomplishments of the individual.


Other searches include:


-Any variations on their names (i.e. "William Robert Poentang", "Billy R Poentang","Bill Poentang", etc). It also helps to a search with their last name followed by their surname (“Poentang, Billy Bob”)


-The last name with the city and state (i.e. Poentang AND "Podunk Arkansas"). On Google, often this will produce an address and phone number as the first result.


-Last name with a university or high school name (i.e. Poentang AND "Podunk University"). If they were involved in any sports or clubs, that is another good search (i.e. Poentang AND "Sigma Epsilon Omega" or Poentang AND tennis).


-Searches on any other names that came up in the or that might be relevant. For example, if a search for Poentang, approximate age 50, turned up Billy Bob and Myrna Lou, age 48, in Podunk, AR, then I'd be doing a search on her as well.


-If you have their address or phone number, do searches on them (i.e. "123 E Main" AND Podunk or "(301) 555-1234"). Why? Well an address search might pull up a home for sale. Now you go to the realtor's website, and they will have a picture of the house. A Phone number search could link to a classified ad or local community involvement like the PTA, or chairman of the church bake sale.



On to the Real Estate Records...


By now, you should have an address. You then need to check out their County Assessor's website. Most counties have online search capacities, which allow you to search by address, and often just by the owner's last name, which is an added bonus if you are having a hard time finding an address. The results provide property data such as square footage, purchase price, lot size, pool, neighborhood maps, etc. A quick Google search generated these examples:


Miami/Dade County Assessor


Phoenix/Maricopa County Assessor


Oklahoma City/Cleveland County Assessor


If the assessor's website doesn't provide the home's purchase price, there are some good websites that might help. (requires free registration)


AOL Home Price Check (AOL users only)


Want to see an aerial photo of their home?


Mapquest also shows an arial view of an address


And Google Earth gets such a close picture you can often see items in people's yards


And just for fun, get demographic information on zip codes




Other Resources...


By now, you should have quite a bit of information. If nothing has turned up so far, you might need to run a search on the Social Security Death Index at to see if they are still living.


I also search the archives of their local newspaper, to see if they have made the news, or any public records turn up.


Genealogy websites, such as, or can be good sources of clues.


Finally, here are a few sites for random searches.


Search (to search for or verify an active email address)


Search at is a very valuable resource. It Iists all searchable public records databases available countrywide by state. Make sure you look under the city and county links to find civil and criminal court sites, voter registrations, occupational licensing, corporate registrations, and sex offenders.


Wonder what candidates they support? at lets you see if they donated money to a political campaign.


Want to find out a birthday? Try searching


Want to see their Amazon wishlist? Go to, and click on the "Your Lists" links, and a drop-down menu will appear with "wish lists." Just type in a name or email if you have it!






If all these sites can't help you find what you are looking for, you just need to conclude that they are most likely a bored housewife.

Any other tips or links you want to share? You can send me e-mail at: